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No escape from lifelong learning

The expiration date of anything we learn is... tomorrow. Let's stay up-to-date. Every day. Read more...

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Just In Time

Learning stuff just in case we will need it one day, that's old school. Literally. Read more...

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We won't find it on Google

No use looking for quality in millions of search results. That's where 2MA comes in. Read more...



Let's do it together

Interact. Comment. Discuss. Co-operate. Give and take. 2minutes at the time. Read more...

What The Experts Say

Sir Ken Robinson

"Education is still largely based upon the 19th century production line mentality of standardization. We should change that paradigm."
in his famous TED-talk

Danny Iny

"Anything you learn is going to become obsolete within a decade. This is a major transition: from just-in-case to just-in-time learning."
in his book Leveraged Learning

Guido Thys

"Content has already changed. Now it's time to change our methods as well. Get hold of the right stuff in 2 minutes. Learn it in 2 hours. Use it for 2 years ."
Founder of The 2MinuteAcademy

Pink Floyd

"We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Hey, teachers, leave us lot alone."
slightly altered from The Wall

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