We don't like small print

Relationships should be based on trust.

That's why we like to keep things simple here.
Transparent. And reliable.

We don’t have partners, so we don’t need to share your data.
We don’t sell them, rent them, barter them or give them away.
We hardly use cookies, don’t run personalized ads
nor let anybody meddle with the content of this platform.

We keep our promises

What we say is what you get

We are fully transparant: we never do anything you don't know about. Why would we anyway?

we keep your data

We never share your data

We need minimal information to give you the best service. Those data never leave leave our servers. Ever.

We stick to the rules

We don't have time for sneeky stuff

GDPR, banking security rules, privacy regulations of all kinds: we stick to them. Always.

Do You?

Do you have our backs covered?

Are you using this platform with due care and responsibly? Great, we love having you around!

Do you want to read the small print anyway?
You can.
Just click on these links to produce a pdf-file that you can read and/or download:

   Our Privacy Policy 
   Our User Agreement
   Our Professional Community Policies
   Our Publishing Platform Guidelines 
   Our Cookie Guidelines: we don’t need any because we don’t use cookies.

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