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Yes, we know that this sounds like a paradox… Isn’t it Google’s job to find everything for you? 

It is, and that is precisely what Google does. They will find everything for you: millions of hits on Storytelling. But you don’t need everything, you want an answer to your specific question or challenge. 

Your solution? The 2-MinuteAcademy!

Our KnowledgeBase features hand-picked, top-quality, practical articles, blogposts, videos, quotes and trainings from the best sources around the world.
Neatly organized for easy finding. Updated daily.

About Storytelling as well as Communication in general and 195 other subjects related to Management and Entrepreneurship and Business in General.

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We browse through 100s of posts on blogs and publishers’ sites every day, carefully hand-pick for quality, simplicity and usefulness and add them to our KnowledgeBase.
Lifelong contrarian Guido Thys (“while everbody is going north, I’ll probably be heading south“) regularly ads vlogs and webinars to rattle some cages.
We select the best online trainings, quotes and much more.
That is why the KnowledgeBase currently features 8,636 items on 195 subjects. With a very powerful search&filter system. 

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Let's look at an example:

Suppose you are looking for the latest insights on the metaverse.
Happy surfing on the search engines!
Google will let you choose from… over 1.5 billion search results.

By contrast, The 2-MinuteAcademy currently has… 41 hand-picked, top-quality, practical articles from trusted media, blogposts by experts, videos and more.

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