Stop wasting time on learning stuff JUST-IN-CASE you need it. 
Learn JUST-IN-TIME: when you need it. 
(Continuous Education Schools are sóóó 20th century…)

The only way to keep up with the 21st century:
learning skills and know-how as we go along.

Browsing the KnowledgeBase for the knowledge we need now.
Learning the skills that will take us to the next level.


Concentrating on what we need

We can't know everything there is to know, just in case we would need it some day... - Read more...


No more Russian Roulette!

The best resources at hand for each new challenge instead of hoarding piles of "maybes". - Read more...


Live & work in the 21st century

Daring to replace old ways of developing ourselves. Relying on today's technology. - Read more...

No blah blah...

We want Return On Time

Spending our scarce time on stuff we really need & throw all the rest overboard. - Read more...

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  • not so long ago we had to lend books from libraries that took upto several weeks to be made available
  • a training or course would take months
  • an education would go on for years
  • today we want answers NOW in order to make decisions tomorrow and get things done by next week
  • The 2-MinuteAcademy offers exactly the 21st century efficiency we need  
  • what, where and when
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  • we go to school to pick up the basics, that’s just fine
  • on the job we need more than this old-school general knowledge
  • 90+% of which we never use
  • and the remaining 10% of which is out-of-date within years, or even months
  • just-in-time learning is 21st century
  • we define challenges, look for the right tools and fix it
  • that is The 2-Minute-Academy 
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  • The 2-MinuteAcademy breaks with every single tradition in education, information management and training
  • we offer self-education
  • we provide the basics, distinguishing instruments as well as contrarian perspectives
  • we replace just-in-case with just-in-time learning
  • we focus on peer learning
  • we are generalists and unbiased
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No Blah Blah

  • almost 1/3 of the stuff on the internet is old, superficial, useless or plain dumb
  • almost 1/3 is posted by people who want to sell us something
  • almost 1/3 is noise accompanying the present management hype
  • the curators of The 2-MinuteAcademy filter all that out 
  • did something still slip through the mazes (shit happens!)? Our members can have it removed 
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  • getting a degree in Theoretical Generalities, adding an MBA and taking a gazillion special courses still doesn’t give us all the answers
  • in comes one of the achievements of the internet: micro-learning
  • it is the needle in the haystack: the exact, reliable and practical answer to our challenge or problem
  • The 2-MinuteAcademy provides just that: a bit of this, a byte of that 🙂 
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2 Minutes

  • time is a rare resource; we hate slack
  • it is a myth that our attention span is shortening: we just don’t want to spend time dealing with uninteresting stuff
  • we want to spend no more than 2 minutes looking for the right stuff
  • no more than 2 hours learning
  • because in 2 days we will face another  challenge 
  • that is why this is The 2-MinuteAcademy 
  • join now, please

Why would you trust Us For Your Just-In-Time information?

Good question, thank you for asking!
The 2-MinuteAcademy does what its name says: provide the information, training, background and perspectives you need in 2 minutes or less. When and where you need them.
All our information and tools are carefully selected for you to find, evaluate, process and apply them as efficiently as possible.
You will spend more time on the actual task in hand by saving on your research and information intake. That is our promise.
Simply take some time to confirm that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and join us as a Free Member. Please.

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