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Somewhere out there is the information we need. 
Somebody out there can help us. 
The 2-MinuteAcademy brings it all together.

After Crowdsourcing and -funding we have crowd-working and -learning. Teaming up with the micro-experts.

Let’s be honest: most schools only provide the basics (on a good day), 
and Google search results are home to idiots and salespeople.


Professors don't have what we need

Replace traditional sources by the advantages the Platform Economy can offer us. - Read more...

6 billion experts

Find the needle in the haystack

Trust us to select the best sources for every answer, every problem.
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Know-how when you need it

Read it, watch it, learn it, discuss it. Live. Wherever. Whenever.

Project Groups

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Set up teams to make decisions, find solutions, innovate, etc.
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  • nobody can do it all by her/himself
  • impossible to know it all
  • impossible to do it all
  • but every question has already been answered by someone, somewhere:
  • all our answers are out there
  • at The 2-MinuteAcademy we make it our business to have found the answers to 1,000s of frequently asked questions
  • no answer to your inquiry? we’ll still find it!  
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6 billion experts

  • there are at least 6 billion adolescents and adults on this planet
  • not all of them are entrepreneurs, leaders or managers, of course
  • but millions are
  • 100,000s of them post videos, articles, vlogs, etc.
  • others are members of The 2-MinuteAcademy: meet them, discuss with them, learn from them
  • 2MA: all experts, just experts
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Right Now

  • uptodate articles, podcasts, vodcasts, videos, quotes, webinars, trainings, etc.
  • 8,636 items and growing daily
  • handpicked from leading sources
  • advanced search functions
  • view your favorite subjects on your personal page (*)
  • comment and discuss (*)
  • suggest new subjects and articles
  • post your own (*)
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    (*) being developed

Project Groups - soon

  • need to partner up with people who can contribute to meeting challenges, solving problems, making decisions?
  • soon The 2-MinuteAcademy will enable online MasterMindGroups to do just that
  • become a Free Member and we will keep you posted!
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Give & Take - Soon

  • platforms always work in 2 directions
  • take away tons of useful tips, tricks, skills, bits and bytes from the 2MinuteAcademy
  • but please also give: 
  • contribute comments to posts and articles 
  • (dis)like them and help others find top quality information
  • interact on the Forum
  • that’s what Peer Learning is all about!
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Discuss - Soon

  • entrepreneuring, managing and leading are not exact sciences
  • so there is more than one answer to every question
  • The 2-MinuteAcademy offers insights from experts around the world
  • they might not be the perfectly useful  answer to your question; 
  • discussing them with fellow-members will sharpen, twist and focus them 
  • we are all about teamwork!
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Why would you trust Us To Have Answers When You Need Them?

Good question, thank you for asking!
Millions of questions every day, we can’t guarantee that we have all the answers.
We can, however, assure you that we do everything we can to expand our KnowledgeBase with top-notch material.
Can’t find an answer? Tell us and we’ll swing into action.
Comment, (dis)like, challenge established and new perspectives, interact. 
Giving and taking makes everybody smarter!
Simply adhere to the proverb that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and join us as a Free Member. Please.

Free access to our growing KnowledgeBase with 8,636 articles, blogposts, podcasts, videos, quotes, trainings, webinars, etc.
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