Life-Long Learning

We are facing new challenges every day.
No use trying to remember what we studied years ago. 
We need to analyze and decide now!

This is the 21st century:
we need to come up with new stuff every day

1. browse our KnowledgeBase for input to meet today’s challenge 
2. find the know-how and/or inspiration to get to the next level. 
3. go to the next challenge.


It's all about skills

No more cramming theory into our skulls, but skillfully use information to get the job done. - Read more...

3rd Generation Learning

On-the-job instead of in school

We don't learn stuff anymore just in case we will need it one day. We learn when we need it. - Read more...

Our KnowledgeBase

Know-how when you need it

No schedules, no curriculum.
"Have to" becomes "want to".

We are in control

We make (up) our own minds

No professors, no trainers, no standard programmes.
Just you. And us. -

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  • entrepreneurs and managers have SuperJobs: quickly and skillfully find solutions for the challenges of the day
  • all the rest we leave to robots and AI
  • our teachers didn’t tell us how to do that
  • in school we LEARN ABOUT stuff
  • at work we LEARN TO do things
  • The 2-MinuteAcademy provides the courses, inspiration and practical know-how we need in the SuperJobs of today 
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3rd Generation Learning

  • 1st gen: we graduated from a standard programme and stopped learning
  • 2nd gen: companies provided extra training, still standardized
  • 3rd gen: we compose our own, tailor-made curriculum  
  • our 1st challenge: find exactly what we need
  • our 2nd challenge: find quality
  • The 2-MinuteAcademy KnowledgeBase contains 8,636 hand-picked items
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  • uptodate articles, podcasts, vodcasts, videos, quotes, webinars, trainings, etc.
  • 8,636 items and growing daily
  • selected quality from leading sources
  • advanced search functions
  • favorite subjects on a personal page (*)
  • comment and discuss (*)
  • suggest new subjects and articles
  • post contributions (*)
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    (*) being developed

We are In Control

  • schools may teach us the basics
  • but it’s still up to us to translate theoretical material into workable solutions for today
  • in a world that has evolved considerably
  • we need all the help we can get
  • we need to decide what is useful and what isn’t
  • nobody knows better than we what we need at which point in time
  • The 2-MinuteAcademy offers the tools  
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  • the last “Universal Savant” (a person who knows everything there is to know) died 100s of years ago
  • in one day we add more information to then internet than was published in one year in the 1970s
  • everything is on Google, but when we don’t find it when we need it
  • The 2-MinuteAcademy handpicks every item in the KnowledgeBase to guarantee quality and usefulness
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  • The 2-MinuteAcademy is an online platform
  • it is accessible on any device, 24/7
  • members indicate their own information preferences and can modify them at any time (*)
  • topics or sources are missing? tell the curators and they will fix it
  • the Forum is open for discussions and group learning (*)
  • different membership types  (*)
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    (*) being developed

Why would you trust Our Reasons Why?

Good question, thank you for asking!
We, the founders of The 2-MinuteAcademy are seasoned, experienced, techno-savvy and outside-the-box thinking experts in education and communication. That’s a good basis.
We’ve listened to 1,000s of students, managers, entrepreneurs from all over the world. We’ve seen the needs. We’ve looked at what the traditional sources are offering. We’ve seen everybody struggle.
The 2-MinuteAcademy is the combination of two elements: a source of practical know-how + instruments for on-the-job life-long learning.
We’ll be happy to open our doors for you. 
Simply agree that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and join us as a Free Member. Please?

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